Agency Y works with the world’s best designers, coders, business analysts, and delivery managers to elevate your business to the next level.


Please meet our steering team:


Markus has 9 years experience on the Agency side, 8 years experience on the (financial) industry side, and 5 years of experience as an entrepreneur.

He is aware that the best change results, even in the largest corporations, are achieved by having a small expert team sitting directly with the business and users to drive the decisions, and train the internal teams if needed to the new way of working. 

It's the art of disruption in the right moment at the right level he is keen to apply. 

His work received numerous industry awards. Clients he worked for are BMW, MINI, Barclays, UBS, JP Morgan Stanley, Escada, CMC Markets, Microsoft, O2, Deutsche Bank, Allianz, Accenture, Credit Suisse, Airbus, Capco, ..., and many more. 

He founded Agency Y in 2012 and acts as Chief Executive-, as well as Chief Design Officer for Agency Y. 

MD /Bengalore

Nirav is heading our India / Bengalore office, with focus on the Asian and Middle Eastern markets. 

His work experience covers working as Senior Corporate Banker in Singapore, as well as being Managing Director of several industrial production companies in India and Dubai. 

Next to an expert in understanding the financial structures of various business ventures, he is an excellent networker. And he knows what it takes to be successful in these markets, each having very distinct business cultures. 


Emil is heading our Poland / Lodz office, and an expert to leverage the polish brain power to local and international clients. 

He worked across various agencies and industries, where his main task was to match market expectations with the clients strategy. And think of the best ways to deliver goals in time and budget.


Ralf is heading the creative team in India / Bengalore. He was part of Agency Y from day one. He collaborated with Markus on the award winning CMC Markets trading platforms in 2008 - 2011, before Ralf and Markus went on the new venture under the roof of Agency Y. Having his base in India since more then 4 years, Ralf is a true global citizen, crossing the westerns and eastern cultures. A design guru with highest standards, you don't find often. 


CD/ Lodz

Pati is heading the creative team in Poland / Lodz, and has an excellent track record in producing designs which are driven by strategic design thinking. Her passions are application-, and product design, and to make the solutions usable, useful and desirable. 

She, as we all do at Agency Y, loves to make a service-, or product-experience so seamless and intuitive, that people can build a true positive relationship with them. 

Head of Technology /Munich

Sandro is heading the tech consultancy on a global level, located in Germany. He was responsible for the technical architecture and solution of the first My Taxi app in Germany long before UBER came to the public attention.

He was also one of the brains behind the new generation CMC Markets trading platforms, which execute millions of trades per second, in a high-frequency, high-security environment. The trading platforms won numerous industry awards. "The beauty of code" becomes his meaning by tech-heros like him. 

Working in a complex environment of high uncertainty needs a culture of transparency and constant improvement.


Agency Y's approach is based on 4 main pillars: Data, Design, Lean and Agile. 

In an ever changing technical and market environment, with global competition and new players entering at high speed to challenge the established businesses, we believe that our iterative approach allows to move fast, and execute excellent results with the least amount of risk.  


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Leveraging the boutique concept on a world wide scale. 

Agency Y has an established network of 4 offices in London (UK), Lodz (Poland), Munich (Germany), and Bangalore (India). We are proud of our global pool of excellent talents. 

Having the worldwide network, we can adapt quickly to client profiles, be it for the need to have a 24/7 production in place, be it to support the most distributed on- and off-shore teams. We think you do not need a global consultancy player, to act big.

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